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St. Mary's Mission Legacy Award 2018

Each year St. Mary's presents the Mission Legacy Awards to outstanding individuals who have contributed in an exceptional manner to the health care ministry to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton, St. Mary's General Hospital and the St. Mary's General Hospital Foundation.

It is my pleasure to announce that six nominees were chosen to receive the 2018 Mission Legacy Award. Please join me in congratulating these dedicated and compassionate recipients. For a full list of past receiptents you can visit the Mission Legacy Awards page here.

Don Shilton, President



The 2018 Mission Legacy Award recipients are, back row from left, Gerald LeMoine, Rob Way and Dr. Mike Sehl, and front row from left, Maxine Neller, Lois Millar and Leslie Waitson.

Gerald LeMoine
Gerald LeMoine, Manager of Engineering and Environmental Services, is known for his friendly, calming nature and commitment to patient safety. Gerald oversees facility maintenance, housekeeping and linen. He is a team builder and his staff are known for quick, efficient responses to ensure the heat and lights work, medical gas functions appropriately and cleaning standards are maintained. Gerald has received the Reverend Rip Kirby Award of Excellence twice and is a facility leader among peer hospitals.

Lois Millar
Registered Nurse Lois Millar began her career at St. Mary’s 54 years ago. She continues to work casual shifts in the Emergency Department, inspiring her peers and
providing compassionate care. She embraces learning and change, and on her 75th birthday was earning recertification for Advanced Cardiac Life Support. As a mentor to new nurses she demonstrates the power of a positive individual. In her free time, Lois volunteers in the wellness program at the YMCA.

Maxine Neller
In 2002, St. Mary’s Volunteer Association recruited retired school principal Maxine Neller to help decorate Christmas trees for a fundraiser. In the 17 subsequent years, Maxine’s energy and administrative skills have been invaluable. She has served in all top leadership roles in the Association and excels as manager of Madeleine’sGift Shop. She regularly provides rides to the shop’s 100-year-old volunteer and recently helped organize a volunteer group to make pillows for St. Mary’s cardiac patients.

Dr. Mike Sehl
A second generation St. Mary’s physician, Dr. Mike Sehl has provided exceptional care in the Emergency Department and Medicine Unit for 30 years. Committed to continuous improvement, he devoted many hours of his free time to help launch bedside rounding to enhance the patient experience, expedite the discharge process and improve staff communication. His support was key to the project’s success. Dr. Sehl also worked with community partners to improve the care model for patients with substance abuse.

Leslie Waitson
Leslie Waitson, a Registered Practical Nurse and staff trainer on the Medicine Unit, is known for her compassion. She anticipates the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of colleagues, patients and families. She has helped facilitate patient weddings in the hospital chapel for terminally ill patients and rallied co-workers to help host a private funeral visitation in the chapel after a severely disabled patient lost her husband unexpectedly. Leslie goes above and beyond in all aspects of her work.

Rob Way
Rob Way is a valued community leader who has served the most vulnerable and marginalized in a myriad of volunteer roles. A long-time champion of St. Mary’s, he served on the Board of Trustees for 15 years, as Board Treasurer from 1997-2007 and Board Chair from 2009-2011. The United Way of Kitchener-Waterloo, the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation, Kids Ability, the Sunshine Foundation and Hockey Helps the Homeless have all benefited from Rob’s compassionate and thoughtful guidance.