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Dr. & Mrs. Wong’s story


It wasn’t until they both emigrated from Hong Kong and were students at the University of Manitoba that Frank and Juliana Wong met and fell in love. They remember their warm welcome to Canada as students, a kind feeling that continued when they moved to Kitchener-Waterloo to raise their family. 

Dr. Frank Wong practiced family medicine in our community for 34 years. He helped deliver babies at St. Mary’s General Hospital, where two of their three children were born. Mrs. Wong fondly remembers the Sisters who helped her and her husband through the deliveries. They pledged to return the kindness given to them from the St. Mary’s family. 

“We were treated well and given opportunities,” says Mrs. Wong “we always said that after we get settled it was time to give back to the community.” 

Dr. & Mrs. Wong are longtime patrons of St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation and have pledged to continue their support of the Hospital and the Regional Cardiac Care Centre. 

“When we had good fortune and the opportunity presented itself we didn’t hesitate to give back to the community that supported us.”