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Grace’s Story


Grace gave her first gift to St. Mary’s in 1990. She can’t recall exactly what it was for, but knows why she did it.

“St. Mary’s was a special place that helped people when they needed it most so we gave what we could,” she recalled.

Many years later, she learned first-hand how special the people at St. Mary’s can be when a loved one needed our help. While Grace’s late husband, Clarence, was dealing with respiratory failure, he spent a great deal of time in the clinic of Dr. Jon Langridge. “He and his team took so much time to make sure Clar had the best quality of life possible,” she recalls. “I always felt that everybody at St. Mary’s treated us both with great dignity, and for that, I will always be grateful.”

Now at age 90, Grace remains an annual donor to St. Mary’s and is one of our hospital’s most ardent supporters, attending events when she can. Three years ago she chose to make the ultimate gift to St. Mary’s by naming our Foundation as a beneficiary in her will. As a member of our Cornerstone Society, she joins nearly 150 other donors who have remembered St. Mary’s in their estate plans and count on us to continue our mission of excellence and compassion. For Grace, membership in the Cornerstone Society also provides her with the opportunity to stay current with happenings at St. Mary’s by attending events and through updates with Foundation staff.

“Clar and I were fortunate to have enough resources to take care of ourselves,” she says. “And we always made it a priority to support the charities we believed in. When I think about our legacy, I can’t think of a better way to honour the way we have lived our lives than to leave gift to St. Mary’s. Knowing that we will continue to support such a wonderful place after we’re gone provides me a great sense of peace.”

At St. Mary’s, we are always most humbled by the generosity of those who leave a gift in their will to ensure we have the resources to carry on our work. Knowing that our Cornerstone Members believe in us and have faith in our mission is the ultimate act of philanthropy. For someone like Grace to honour us in such a manner is inspiring.

Thank you Grace.