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W. J. Motz

WJ Motz Cardiac Catheterization Suite

William J Motz is an important figure in the history of SMGH and Kitchener waterloo. He was president and publisher of the Kitchener Daily Record and a prominent member of many community organizations with which he shared his time, expertise and leadership. Mr Motz was a director of the Economical Mutual Fire Insurance Co and the Waterloo Trust and Savings Co. He was a member of the Kitchener Chamber of Commerce; St. Mary’s Church Council, Knights of Columbus, Holy Name Society and for 37 years was on the Board of the Kitchener Public Library. Mr Motz was president of the Canadian Daily Newspapers Association and the Ontario Provincial Dailies Association, the latter of which he was a Founder. As well, for many years he was a member of the Mothers Allowance and Old Age Pensions Board.

 St. Mary’s General Hospital was also was a beneficiary of his leadership. Mr. Motz served as the first Chairman of the Lay Advisory Committee, the forerunner to our present Board of Trustees from 1922 until 1938.

 In that capacity, he was a member of the original building committee that led the planning effort towards construction of St. Mary’s. Mr. Motz was a source of considerable advice and assistance to the Sisters of St. Joseph during the fledgling years of our hospital and did much to extend the Sisters’ mission of serving the sick in the Kitchener – Waterloo area.