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John’s Story


Born in 1924, John Petsch is a man as longstanding as St. Mary’s General Hospital itself and thanks to an innovative program we launched last year, he continues to live at home with his wife Katherine.

The program is called Integrated Comprehensive Care (ICC) and is designed to help our patients translate through the healthcare system and stay in their homes and out of the hospital as long as possible. Having fought two heart attacks, lymphoma, arrhythmia, shortness of breath and multiple surgeries—all within a matter of 18 months—John has been through it all and he credits our ICC program for making his difficult journey much easier.

For decades, St. Mary’s has worked hard to provide safe and effective patient care. The implementation of the ICC program is just one example of how we have improved the patient experience in our hospital and in the community.

Designed to create a smooth transition from the hospital to home by integrating hospital and community care services, the ICC program allows patients to continue to receive the care they need after being discharged from the hospital. By doing so, we not only reduce the number of repeat emergency room visits and reduce the length of hospital stays, we provide our patients with the assurance that they are in good hands, even after discharge.

Thanks to the ICC program and the remarkable people from St. Mary’s who make it happen, John continues to live at home with his wife where he enjoys reminiscing about their past together while even enhancing his already admirable computer skills.

Not only was John provided guidance upon discharge from the hospital, he also receives in-house nursing support every two weeks and is able to contact his personal ICC Nurse, Janis, whenever necessary by phone.

“The staff are caring and compassionate, and overall just very helpful,” says John’s daughter Mary Meaney. “Janis has been a great coordinator. I can think of at least four occasions where she provided us the help we needed where otherwise, my dad would have ended up back in the emergency department.”

“I really don’t know where we’d be without this wonderful program at St. Mary’s,” she adds. “My parents are comfortable and managing in their home and I worry less about them. While they may need to consider alternative living arrangements in the future, ICC remains helpful in allowing them to stay in their home longer than may have otherwise been possible. This program has provided us all with peace of mind and really is a true gift.”