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Dr. Sammy Ali


The catchment area for the St. Mary’s cardiac program is nearly one million people. It stretches north to Tobermory, west to the shores of Lake Huron, south to Brant county and east to Wellington county. Within that broad space, we are called on to support thousands of family physicians who require advanced cardiac diagnostic and treatment options for their patients. When they do, they call on an expert like Dr. Sammy Ali.

“What many people don’t realize,” says Dr. Ali, “Is how incredibly valuable our cardiac program is to the entire community. We are not just working to care for patients here in the hospital, we are called upon as a support and educational resource for family physicians across a broad geographic spectrum. That is a huge responsibility, one we take very seriously.”

Born in Burlington, Sammy trained at McMaster, University of Toronto and St. Mike’s before landing at St. Mary’s last year. He specializes in advanced echo-cardiography and originally came to our hospital for an elective placement during his studies.  From that first rotation through St. Mary’s, he knew he wanted to come back.

“It made so much sense for me to come to St. Mary’s and to live in Waterloo Region. My wife and I are expecting our first child in September and this community has everything to offer. It is a much more personal and connected community than anywhere else I have lived. The fact that I have the opportunity to work in a world-class facility, with great people, in a great city – well that just makes things seem about perfect.”

Dr. Ali went into medicine to help people and chose cardiology because of the impact he could have. “With cardiology, I can see the direct impact of my work. I develop long-term relationships with my patients and it brings me great satisfaction to help them live fuller, healthier lives.”

“We are very close to a dramatic improvement in St. Mary’s cardiac services. With the addition of heart rhythm capability and a new hybrid operating room, we will be positioned to provide the most advanced level of cardiac care anywhere in Canada. St. Mary’s is full of superbly talented and compassionate people and I am thrilled to be part of it.”