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A Third Catheterization Suite

Meeting the cardiac healthcare needs of a growing and aging population.
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Photo-Cath-Lab-Website-3.pngDespite great strides in prevention, it's increasingly likely someone close to you, or perhaps even you, are being treated for some form of heart disease. Fueled by an ever expanding and aging population, the number of people in our region living with heart disease is increasing.

The good news is that being close to specialized cardiac care is shown to significantly improve your chances of surviving heart disease, and our community benefits from having access to one of the top recognized cardiac centres in Canada.

St. Mary’s Regional Cardiac Care Centre currently operates two cardiac catheterization suites, with state-of-the-art equipment for diagnostic testing and coronary artery intervention. Originally established in 2001, these suites form the essential foundation of the cardiovascular program. They are now unable to meet the growing cardiac patient volume of our region. To continue providing the best possible care, St. Mary’s must expand its cardiac services to include an additional catheterization suite.
The volume of procedures performed through catheterization at St. Mary’s has grown over the last number of years and will reach well beyond 6,500 this year. This is comparable to what other centres accomplish with three or four suites. Our resources are stretched beyond capacity. With procedures projected to grow substantially in the next five years, there is significant risk to patient care unless a third catheterization suite is added.
Dr. Brian McNamara, Chief of Cardiovascular Services
Despite doubling operational hours to accommodate a minimum of twenty procedures each weekday, at any given time another two hundred or more patients are anxiously waiting at least six weeks for their appointment. In addition, the care team must respond to unexpected cardiac emergencies, which often cause further delays.
As you can imagine, there is a lot of wear and tear on our equipment and staff. If a catheterization camera goes down, the required maintenance can put the suite out of commission for up to a week. This can drastically impact wait times and cause significant anxiety for our patients, many of whom are already feeling quite vulnerable.
Lisa Terlevic, Interim Program Manager,
Cardiac Catheterization and Heart
Rhythm Programs
Financial contributions from donors like you are essential to healthcare in Ontario. As with all hospitals, 100% of the cost of equipment must be covered by community donations. Equipping a third catheterization suite will require a $2.8 million dollar community investment. Your donation to this effort will expand procedural capacity and reduce wait times, helping to ensure access to lifesaving cardiac services are available when they’re needed.