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Laparoscopic Equipment

Heading into surgery, you shouldn’t have to worry whether the surgical equipment is up-to-date.

I have seen so many remarkable advancements in surgical care during my thirty-five years as a nurse here at St. Mary’s. In particular, the introduction of laparoscopic surgery in the 1980s was a huge leap forward that rapidly expanded to all surgical areas because of its great benefit for patients.

Before laparoscopy, getting a gallbladder out left you with a large noticeable scar, but today just three or four tiny marks. That’s because a miniature telescope with a light source is inserted inside the patient and its high-resolution video camera becomes the surgeon’s eyes during the procedure. Having surgery done this way means you will have less pain and a much quicker recovery, getting you back to your normal activities sooner. In fact, following laparoscopic surgery, you may even be able to go home the same day.
As an operating room Charge Nurse, I oversee the patient’s surgical experience, ensuring they receive the excellent care St. Mary’s is known for. With our eight operating rooms and expert surgical teams we provide surgery to more than 20,000 patients each year, the vast majority of which are performed laparoscopically.

Now, the time has come for St. Mary’s laparoscopic equipment to be replaced. The fact is, all eight systems are operating beyond the recommended 10-year life span and repairs are no longer supported. While this replacement is necessary, I’m sure it’s no surprise that this new equipment will also provide significant technological advancements. The amazing level of high-definition imaging alone will mean greater visibility and efficiency while performing your surgery.
It excites me to witness the impact upgraded technology has on our team’s ability to enhance procedures and deliver superior results for our patients. I know that the purchase of new equipment is only made possible through the generosity of community members, like you, and we are truly grateful. I hope this holiday season you will consider St. Mary’s in your giving plans and help place new laparoscopic equipment into the hands of our expert surgical teams so they can continue providing the best possible care.

Annemarie Woeller
OR Charge Nurse, Surgical Program
St. Mary’s General Hospital

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Hospital equipment must be regularly upgraded to continue delivering the exceptional level of care you have come to expect from St. Mary’s. As with all hospitals, 100% of the cost of equipment must be covered by community donations raised through the Foundation.