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Laparoscopic Equipment

Heading into surgery, you shouldn’t have to worry whether the surgical equipment is up-to-date.

Among the remarkable advancements in surgical care, the introduction of laparoscopic surgery in the 1980s was a huge leap forward that rapidly expanded to all areas because of its significant benefit to patients.

Before laparoscopy, getting a gallbladder out left you with a large noticeable scar, but today just three or four tiny marks. Having surgery this way means you will have less pain, less scarring and a much quicker recovery. You may even be able to go home the same day.

St. Mary’s surgical teams provide exceptional care to more than 20,000 patients each year and the vast majority of these procedures are performed laparoscopically.lapricscopic-elements-1.png

Now, St. Mary’s laparoscopic equipment must be replaced. All eight systems are operating beyond the recommended 10-year life span and repairs are no longer supported.

While replacement is necessary, it’s no surprise that new equipment will also provide significant technological advancements.  The amazing level of high-definition imaging alone will greatly improve visibility and efficiency while performing your surgery. It's exciting to witness the impact upgraded technology has on the surgical team's ability to deliver superior results for patients.

The Ontario hospital funding model assumes that financial donations made by community members through the foundation will cover the cost of all new and replacement equipment.

Heading into surgery, you shouldn’t have to worry whether the surgical equipment is up to date. Yet providing the exceptional surgical care you have come to expect from St. Mary’s hinges on our team having reliable tools.

An investment of $369,000 is required to respond to this urgent need. This holiday season, please consider a donation to help place new laparoscopic equipment into the hands of St. Mary’s surgical teams.

Please donate online today - Let's make sure it's here when you need it.

Hospital equipment must be regularly upgraded to continue delivering the exceptional level of care you have come to expect from St. Mary’s. As with all hospitals, 100% of the cost of equipment must be covered by community donations raised through the Foundation.