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Patient Stories: Edgar Reinhart

April 15, 2024/

April 15, 2024 Patient Stories: Edgar Reinhart A story of volunteerism and generosity Edgar Reinhart lived a modest life. He was a farmer, a heavy-machine operator, a loving uncle, a conversationalist – and a milkshake connoisseur. “He loved vanilla milkshakes,” his niece-in-law Lynn says with a laugh. “You’d bring him…

Patient Stories: Stephanie and Isla

April 8, 2024/

When Stephanie Amorim’s 22-month-old daughter Isla became lethargic with a high fever, Stephanie felt conflicted. Her gut told her to get Isla to an emergency room, but as a new mom, Stephanie worried her concerns would be chalked up to overreaction and not taken seriously.

Patient Stories: Denise Case

March 8, 2024/

Denise, a former cardiac patient at St. Mary’s, sat in on a recent She Shares voting meeting, where members gathered to hear pitches from hospital staff before deciding to fund vital equipment for the urology and emergency departments.

Patient Stories: Ray Huang

February 21, 2024/

Ray Huang knows how it feels to struggle for breath – and the fear and panic that comes with it. As a respiratory therapist in Richmond, B.C., Ray has been helping people with their breathing issues for nearly a decade.

Patient Stories: Nikki Bakes

November 7, 2023/

Nikki, a new mom to then four-month-old baby Mitchell, had experienced spontaneous coronary artery dissection, more commonly referred to as a SCAD heart attack. It caused her heart to stop for nine minutes – about as long as it takes to cook a hard-boiled egg.

Brian Breckles (middle) at the St. Mary's Doubles Open

August 28, 2023/

Kitchener's Brian Breckles was hiking when his heart rate started dropping and accelerating rapidly. A procedure at St. Mary's General Hospital fixed the issue.

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