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Region Ready

Amid the emotional and uncertain journey of the COVID-19 crisis, generous contributions to the Region Ready fund made a difference.  Because of donors, the hospitals of Waterloo Region worked together to mobilize, protect and provide care for you and your neighbors.

In the early days, donations eased the fears of frontline staff with the provision of PPE. They permitted modification of Emergency departments and hospital spaces to provide isolation areas for COVID-19 testing, diagnosis, and the compassionate care for those who were unable to return home. 

As capacity and clarity allowed, donated funds aided the prudent expansion of COVID-19 testing through the implementation of innovative delivery and off-site locations.

And throughout this journey, the support of the community has enabled partnership with local suppliers to amass the pandemic supplies at all three regional hospitals that are needed to resume services.

Because of the community's financial support and personal compliance with public health guidelines, together we were Region Ready. 

In the months to come the Region’s Hospitals will be looking at other opportunities for collaboration.  We look forward to sharing these plans and inviting you to invest in the health of Waterloo Region.

Thank you.

Lisa Short, Executive Director, Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation
Paul McIntyre-Royston, President & CEO, Grand River Hospital Foundation
Susan Dusick, President & CEO, St. Mary's General Hospital Foundation
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