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Magnifying Regional Access to Care

St. Mary's General Hospital is the only hospital in the region without MRI, and the only regional cardiac care centre in the province without this vital piece of equipment. Your help is needed.

Magnifying Regional Access to Care - MRI

It's 2 a.m. Your alarm goes off. You dress quickly and start making your way through the quiet streets of Kitchener to Grand River Hospital. After waiting seven months, the MRI scan you need is finally happening. The questions floating around in your head while you wait for your MRI will hopefully be answered, and your treatment journey can begin.

Unfortunately, this is not a unique situation. It's a daily reality for patients throughout the Waterloo Region. With only one MRI machine operating 24 hours a day, serving both hospitals for the Kitchener-Waterloo community, patients wait months for the answers they need.

Regional Demand for MRI

In a region that prides itself on its tech sector, the lack of state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology at the community's hospitals has reached critical levels. Your help is needed to bring MRI services to St. Mary's and Grand River.

The region's deficit in MRI technology frequently causes undue stress for patients due to disjointed care and delayed testing, results, and subsequent treatment. Recognizing the significant shortage of MRI in the region, the Ministry of Health has approved partial funding to St. Mary's General and Grand River hospitals with an expedited timeline of ramping up MRI capabilities as quickly as possible.

Hospital Need for MRI

Community demand for MRI significantly outweighs the region's capacity. Presently, all St. Mary's patients requiring an MRI exam are put in a queue and sent to Grand River Hospital. This process is time-consuming, costly, and involves re-deploying nursing staff away from hospital units to support patient transfers.

Shuffling fragile patients back and forth between hospitals for diagnostic testing adds unnecessary stress to their health care journey. Patients who are unstable or in the intensive care unit (ICU) may have to wait longer to receive MRI or use other diagnostic modalities because they can't be transported.

Community Investment in MRI

By investing in MRI at St. Mary's General and Grand River hospitals, you will be a part of a game-changing moment for Waterloo Region communities. Please consider donating to the Joint Hospital MRI Fund today. Together, your contribution will help increase access to vital diagnostic services to support the care of thousands of patients.


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