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Piecing together your diagnosis requires technology to solve the puzzle.

Providing an accurate diagnosis is like solving a jigsaw puzzle; several pieces of information come together to reveal the larger picture of your illness. Right now, St. Mary's diagnostic team is fighting an uphill battle. The patient population is rising rapidly, and the existing fleet of diagnostic equipment is aging.

St. Mary's Diagnostic Equipment Needs Diagnostic tools are necessary to find the cause of any health issue. It's the start of the journey for each patient who comes to the hospital.

Your help is needed to update and expand St. Mary's diagnostic equipment to keep pace with technological advancements and the community's healthcare needs. The increase in demand and the limited capacity of the equipment means patients are waiting longer to begin treatment.Donors should feel confident that we make the most informed decisions around what equipment is needed. There's not going to be one wasted donor dollar. It's crucial that the diagnostic team at St. Mary's is equipped with leading-edge technology to detect an illness and initiate treatment promptly for every single patient that comes through the hospital's doors.
Renee Giroux - Lab Equipment Needs
Updating Diagnostic Equipment | Dr. Richard Dubeau & Natisha Lal
Diagnostic Lab Equipment Needs | Renee Giroux

This holiday season, please consider a gift to St. Mary's diagnostic services, so our team can provide the most accurate and timely results when you need them. Your support will help ease the minds of patients waiting for a diagnosis, allowing them to focus on creating memories with family and friends.

While government funding provides for the day-to-day operational costs of the hospital and the staff within its walls, the purchase of medical equipment, including all diagnostic tools, must be paid for by our generous community.