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Priority Projects

Professionals want to work with the best tools available in their chosen field of work. Medicine is no different. Investment in medical technology at St. Mary’s not only ensures the best care possible is available to you and your loved ones, it attracts top ranked staff and physicians to the hospital.

The fact is, the Ontario government does not provide money to hospitals to purchase equipment. Advances in technology means that there are always new tools which can improve the quality of patient care, enhance staff efficiency, and reduce waiting times. The only way St. Mary’s is able to keep up with these improvements is with help of donors like you.

Ongoing, the Foundation and St. Mary’s General Hospital leadership maintain a list of equipment needs – this includes new pieces of technology to enable new services, the replacement of existing equipment which may be worn out or no longer supported by its manufacturer, as well as functional tools used daily by staff in the delivery of care.

Providing St. Mary’s staff and physicians with the right tools to perform their work makes all the difference for patient outcomes. Here are some of St. Mary's on-going capital requirements that recent community donations have funded:

St. Mary's Priority Projects

Please consider making donation today in support of St. Mary’s current equipment priorities.