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Mobile C-Arm

The Mobile C-Arm system is a high-end x-ray device with flat –detector technology for excellent image quality in a portable environment. The compact mobile system is designed for use in cardiovascular, general surgery, orthopedics and emergency surgery.

The mobile C-Arm is used for procedures where you need an acquisition of images outside the Cardiac Catheterization Lab or Diagnostic Imaging (DI) department. Simply put, it is a portable, somewhat less sophisticated, Catheterization Lab camera.

St. Mary’s Hospital cares for approximately 650 patients annually who require imaging for pacemaker procedures. As this testing is done primarily in an operating room, these areas typically do not have the large imaging camera systems, as seen in the Catheterization Lab or Electrophysiology Suite, so a mobile system is required.

The existing Mobile C-Arm is at its end of life. The image quality is very poor making it challenging for physicians to clearly identify the lead placement for pacemaker insertion. If the lead cannot be identified, in most cases, the procedure will need to be rebooked which will add the patient back into the appointment queue. As a result, increased wait times become increasingly common.


Funding is currently sought to replace one Mobile C-Arm that is end of life. Your support will allow for more accurate diagnosis and the ability to see more patients in our community.

Total Cost: $315,000

Donate now to support priority equipment needs like this. Your donation will be invested in that which is most urgently required to provide effective patient care.