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Ultrasound or Diagnostic Medical Sonography uses high frequency sound waves to image organs and soft tissue structures in the human body. Ultrasound is a safe imaging technology that allows imaging of internal structures without the use of radiation and it is an excellent tool for diagnosing a variety of conditions.

The Sonographers, or Ultrasound Technologists, at St Mary's General Hospital perform a multitude of exams, including imaging of the abdomen, pelvis (both gynecological and urological examinations), blood vessels (upper and lower extremity venous Doppler and carotid artery Doppler examinations), breasts, thyroids, testicles and general soft tissue studies. St Mary's Ultrasound Department also has an interventional suite in which they per-form procedures or biopsies.

Last year we performed exams on the following types of patients:
  • 158 Day surgery patients
  • 3333 ED patients
  • 2014 Inpatients
  • 7666 Outpatients
St. Mary's is currently in need of two new ultrasounds which employ new technology that allow for better imaging and thus the ability to diagnose patients sooner. The new ultrasound units will allow for fine details to be picked up which can also be detected through weight, for example.


The new ultrasound units will allow for a decrease in time of diagnosis thus allowing more patients to be tested. In addition the new imaging allows for patient safety and comfort for those patients who might otherwise have difficulty in detection.


Funding is sought to replace two Ultrasound units that are end of life. Your support will allow for more accurate diagnosis and the ability to see more patients in our community.

Total Cost: $495,000 (Cost for one Ultrasound Unit - $257,500)

Donate now to support priority equipment needs like this. Your donation will be invested in that which is most urgently required to provide effective patient care.