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Unit Dose Packaging System

The Unit Dose Packaging System was first introduced as a safe and effective way to control and deliver medication. As such over three quarters of oral medication delivered in hospitals is in unit doses and it is common practice for pharmaceutical companies to pre-package their medicines using unit dose packaging.

The benefits of unit dose packaging include:
  • Protection of medicine
  • Barcording for individual doses (understanding inventory and overflow)
  • Better patient services through pre-measured doses
  • Electronic documentation
  • Damaged packages are visible
Medication incidents can result in serious harm or injury to a patient. Recognizing the fundamental importance of patient safety, St. Mary’s Hospital deployed the Cerner Medication Safety System. Cerner is a cloud-based EHR software used by health organizations to streamline their operations and provide better healthcare.

Currently, we have a Unit Dose Packaging System that is end of life. As such, the system is at risk of failure which will result in manual bubble packaging which is an extremely slow and very expensive alternative. In addition, from a patient safety perspective, there is no way to verify the correct medication, or dose, that is being administered. Last, without a functioning Unit Dose Packaging System the Cerner software cannot be utilized.


Funding is sought to replace one Unit Dose Packaging System which is end of life. Your support will allow for more accurate medication distribution and increased patient safety.

Total Cost: $25,500

Donate now to support priority equipment needs like this. Your donation will be invested in that which is most urgently required to provide effective patient care.