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Funding gap

There’s something missing in hospital funding - 100% of new and replacement medical equipment is purchased with donated funds.


The fact is, while government funding provides for the day-to-day operational costs of the hospital and the staff within its walls, the current funding model assumes that our community will finance 100% of the on-going purchase of all new and replacement equipment required for patient care. Essential tools, like IV pumps, heart rate monitors and lab analyzers are all made possible thanks to the annual support of community donors.

An operating room (equipped with a surgeon and specialized staff) is absolutely essential. Now imagine if that same room lacked the operating table, surgical lighting or anesthetic gas machines needed to perform the surgery. Without those essential pieces care would be left incomplete - care that you expect, and deserve.

“Excellent health care is a partnership between clinicians, the foundation and our community,” says Tara Willemsen, Program Manager of Perioperative Services at St. Mary’s. “The OR team is grateful for the support of the community that provides us with the required equipment to not only effectively do our jobs, but to do them at all.  Generous community donations have purchased so much of the equipment we rely on daily – everything from lasers that break up kidney stones to lead aprons and vests that protect our staff from radiation.”

Without the financial support of the community, continued excellence and innovation at St. Mary’s will not be a reality.

Let’s make sure that lifesaving care is here when you need it.