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Anesthesia Machines

FULLY FUNDED - The purchase of anesthesia machines has equipped our anesthesiologists with the vital tools they need to perform more than 11,000 surgeries at St. Mary’s.


With this communities support, patients can rest assured that during their most vulnerable moments, they can count on the team at St. Mary's with the latest anesthesia machines providing the best operative care. Thanks to you, high quality care is available, when it’s needed most.

Susan Dusick | President & CEO, St. Mary's General Hospital Foundation


From general surgeries, like cataracts or tonsils, to complex cases, like open heart surgery, anesthesiologists rely heavily on having the proper equipment to eectively perform their job. It’s imperative that this essential equipment is up todate, efficient and reliable. The purchase of new and replacement medical equipment is not covered by Ontario’s healthcare funding model. That's why we turn to the community to bridge the funding gap.

Currently, St. Mary’s anesthesia machines are at the end of their life-cycle and must be replaced by the end of this year; a $1 million investment that is essential to providing operative care at St. Mary’s. This $1 million investment in critical technology falls outside of Government funding.

Replacing the anesthesia equipment at St. Mary’s is not only necessary, but provides us with the opportunity to invest in advanced capabilities. As our volume of aging patients with increasingly complex medical needs continues to rise, so does the need for advanced care, supported by advanced technology.

New, upgraded anesthesia machines are already equipped with the capabilities required to support medically complex cases; guaranteeing that our sickest patients are cared for in the safest possible manner during surgery.

For St. Mary’s, this investment is about making sure that the very best care is available for patients, in line with the hospital’s vision to be the safest and most elective hospital in Canada. That means equipping staff with the tools they need to achieve that goal, so that during your most vulnerable times, you can count on us to keep you safe.

Please consider making a gift towards the purchase of anesthesia machines at St. Mary’s. Your donation ensures that quality care will be here when you and your loved ones need it most.

On behalf of my team and the patients that we serve, thank you for your continued support of our work.


Dr. Val Spenler
Joint Chief of Anesthesiology, St. Mary’s General Hospital & Grand River Hospital
Medical Director, Surgical Program, St. Mary’s General Hospital