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COVID-19 Response

image-cover-3.pngYour amazing support has let frontline staff know they’re not alone.

Every kind message on the cover of the Community Update was sent by a generous donor who wanted their message of thanks to reach those caring for COVID-19 patients at St. Mary’s



COVID-19 has brought about new ways of living, working and staying safe. For frontline workers, heading into work each day has been an act of bravery. It is vital that we showcase the stories of staff through the COVID-19 pandemic to comprehend what it has been like to work on the frontline, providing care and support to keep our community healthy. These stories also offer an understanding of the significance and power of your support.

Thank you to our community – who raised over $1 million in total and to the Lazaridis Foundation, for their early $2 million dollar investment. With this support, St. Mary’s was prepared to respond to the demands on COVID-19.Divider-Thin-2.png


"Because of donors, St. Mary’s was able to respond quickly to the new and pressing demands on COVID-19. Crucial respiratory equipment was purchased the very day St. Mary’s received its first case. Personal protective equipment was made readily available to protect frontline staff. Thank you for your outstanding generosity and kindness." - Lee Fairclough

Battling COVID-19 is a marathon, not a sprint. We cannot thank our donors enough for helping to propel us forward on this historic journey. Read Lee's full message in this year's Community Update.


By the Numbers - St. Mary's Response to COVID-19*



*between March 20, 2020-July 20, 2020     ‡both employees and agency hires​

We're Stronger Together - Staff Stories

Video-thumnails-Heather-1.pngHeather-Lynne Goody - Nurse Practitioner
“Initially, when the pandemic was called, we realized patients were starting to come in with a lot of fear. As a healthcare worker, we rely on literature, research and studies to tell us what to do. And with COVID, we didn’t have that. We were relying on people’s experiences from abroad to tell us how to make our decisions with care, which is very challenging to do.” - WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Video-thumnails-Sean-1.pngSean Winter - Nurse Practitioner
"I'm proud of my colleagues, the fact that continued to show up and continued to care in spite of the personal risk and risk to their family. Reinforcement from the public through lawn signs and painted stones reminds you why you do what you do. It helps recharge you." - WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Video-thumnails-Jackson.pngDr. Mary Jackson - Respirologist, Chief of Pulmonary Medicine
“There was a huge collaboration amongst different groups within the hospital, other hospitals, and institutions such as long-term care, public health, family practice and regional governments. All of this infrastructure did not previously exist and one of the takeaways is that these connections will serve us going forward.” - WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Video-thumnails-Therese.pngTherese Fournier - Registered Nurse
“It really is isolating when you work in a place like this and in this kind of situation, you really feel nobody gets it. But I think the community did get it, with all the message rocks, the police parade, and everybody with the signs that made us feel valued, feel supported and you know, it's easier to go to work when you know that everybody's rallying behind you.” - WATCH ON YOUTUBE


Over the last months, one theme has emerged loud and clear: having a prepared healthcare system, ready to care for us when the unexpected occurs, is essential. Read Susan's full message in this year's Community Update.

​Your financial investments ensure St. Mary’s can purchase the necessary tools that staff depend on daily to delivery exemplary care. Let’s make sure it’s here when you need it.




hand-shake.pngSaying Thank You to St. Mary's COVID-19 Donors

Thank you to the incredible monetary and in-kind donors who have enabled St. Mary's leaders, managers, and frontline staff to navigate the pandemic. With your support, they were able to quickly and creatively identify solutions to emerging needs: personal protective equipment, equipping 73 new beds, isolation units, and plotted alternative scenarios to prepare for a possible patient surge.

Read the full list of generous in-kind donors