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Operating Room Upgrades

FULLY FUNDED - Thanks to the generous support of our community St. Mary's will be able to replace the aging anesthesia machines with the latest up-to-date equipment. Providing residences of The Region of Waterloo and beyond with quality healthcare wouldn't be possible with out the on going donations made by people like you!

Your investment in upgrading St. Mary’s operating rooms will ensure our staff are able to provide the safest, most efficient surgical care possible for our friends, neighbours and those we love.
OR-Room-Side-Bar-2.pngSt. Mary’s first-class surgical program, through its eight operating rooms, provides local access  to the most advanced surgical procedures available to more than 20,000 patients each year.

Of significant importance to every key program in the hospital, St. Mary’s operating rooms are a shared resource in great demand. They require high-tech equipment, which must be regularly upgraded to continue delivering the exceptional level of surgical care you have come to expect from St. Mary’s.

St. Mary’s operating rooms were built in 2008. Significant advancements in medical technology have occurred since then.

In the coming months, ten aging anesthesia machines will be replaced thanks to the generosity of the community. It is evident, however, that further investments are required to upgrade St. Mary’s surgical equipment to embrace the emergence of new technology.

Financial support from community members is required to make this happen. As with all hospitals, 100% of the cost of equipment must be covered by community donations raised through the Foundation.