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We Care Giving Circle

We Care Giving Circle - St. Mary's General Hospital

Make a difference in our community! We Care brings together like-minded men who, together, will make a real impact on the health of Waterloo Region through ongoing investment in St. Mary’s Regional Cardiac Care Centre.

This men’s collective provides a unique opportunity for members to pool their annual contributions, directing funds to the cardiac program equipment that's most vital to healthcare, locally. Throughout the year, We Care meets socially to welcome new members and discuss the latest information available to direct their investment.



Join the men's giving circle by committing to a minimum annual donation of $2,000.


Your donation is pooled with all of the other members and together you vote on the projects and/or equipment to fund.


Funds are granted annually to St. Mary's in support of healthcare for our community.

Currently, St. Mary's Regional Cardiac Care Centre serves over 1.2 million people from across Southwestern Ontario. Without the support of We Care, St. Mary’s can’t expand its capacity to care for a growing and aging population.

Like all Ontario hospitals, 100% of the cost of new and replacement medical equipment needs to be funded by community members.

To become a We Care member, please contact:

George Cunningham
Founder, We Care