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Regional reputation

Increasingly, Waterloo Region is viewed by the world as a leader in technology.

According the Waterloo Economic Development Corporation: “The fabric of the Waterloo Region's dynamism and its future is woven from the threads of industry employing advanced technology in their product development and manufacturing processes, as well as using advanced technology as a key driver of business competitiveness.”

Healthcare is the business of St. Mary’s, and when it comes to funding, it's a competitive one.  St. Mary's leadership feel strongly that the services available to the residents of the dynamic community should reflect the momentum of the region; keeping and even leading the pace of technology.  

It’s quite simple: investments in state of the art technology attract top ranked staff and physicians.  Being staffed in this capacity allows St. Mary’s to introduce new ideas and procedures; encouraging excellence and innovation across the hospital.

This can only happen with the help of the community.