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FUNDED - Thanks to the community's generous support during our spring appeal, St. Mary's can continue to provide the safe and accurate diagnostic care expected for you, your loved ones, and your friends when they need it. Thank you for your generous support!

When you're a patient, getting back on your feet and home to your loved ones is the thing that matters most. The staff at St. Mary's understand this. Their top priority is to provide you with the safe and effective care that will get you on the road to recovery.

Fluoroscopy is a versatile diagnostic tool used repeatedly to enhance quality of life and speed up patient recovery. It provides doctors with real-time moving images of a patient's internal functions and assesses internal organs to generate a concise diagnosis. The information a fluoroscopy test reveals is often transformative, for example, allowing patients to eat and drink again, receive pain relief, or confirm that they are ready to be released from the hospital.
The fluoroscopy unit at St Mary's is 18 years old. Though every effort is made to keep it functioning, it's no longer a tool that can be relied on. The challenges caused by this machine's age can make it an obstacle in providing timely care to patients.


Donate now to support priority equipment needs like this. Your donation will be invested in that which is most urgently required to provide effective patient care.