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Mobile C-Arm

FUNDED - Thank you to all of the donors that helped raise funds towards the purchase of the Mobile C-Arm. Watch the video below to meet Dr. Rinne as he presents the new equipment and explains its importance for St. Mary's General Hospital staff and patients.

"I'd like to thank the donors for supporting this project. I'm personally overjoyed, but I'm really more overjoyed for the program itself, and for the patients that we service." - Dr. Rinne, Electrophysiologist, St. Mary's General Hospital

The Mobile C-Arm system is a high-end x-ray device with flat –detector technology for excellent image quality in a portable environment. The compact mobile system is designed for use in cardiovascular, general surgery, orthopedics and emergency surgery. The mobile C-Arm is used for procedures where you need an acquisition of images outside the Cardiac Catheterization Lab or Diagnostic Imaging (DI) department. Simply put, it is a portable, somewhat less sophisticated, Catheterization Lab camera.

Donate now to support priority equipment needs like this. Your donation will be invested in that which is most urgently required to provide effective patient care.