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FUNDED - Thank you to Zonta Kitchener-Waterloo for contributing $18,000 to this critical piece of equipment at St. Mary's General Hospital, and to our generous community of donors for funding the remaining balance. A Neoprobe is an essential tool for performing breast cancer surgery. Every case of suspected and confirmed breast cancer uses this probe in detection, offering exceptional accuracy, effortless operation, and advanced clinical capability.
Neoprobe Gamma Detection System

The Neoprobe Gamma Detection System is used to detect cancer through radioactive isotopes that are injected into the lymph nodes. The probe is then inserted and tracks the radioactive counts in the nodes. The higher the count, the highest level of cancer present and must be removed. The Neoprobe makes it easier to detect cancer amongst the 30-40 lymph nodes that are present.

  • Neoprobe’s bluetooth probes deliver outstanding directionality and sensitivity, ensuring highly accurate localization of targeted tissue during gamma detection procedures. Neoprobe GDS provides quick, easy startup with no calibration, no preventative maintenance, and one-touch remote count functionality from within the sterile field.
  • Neoprobe’s Bluetooth capability provides advanced data to the surgeon when both Tc-99 and I-125 have been administered simultaneously. The Neoprobe GDS will provide individual counts for each isotope as well as a filter indicating whether the user is closer to the injection site or a radio seed, all in real time.
  • The Neoprobe GDS console can be tailored to the specific clinical needs of each procedure. It can detect any of six isotopes, can be configured to detect localized or systemic injections, and can detect and filter I-125 and Tc-99 simultaneously.

Total Cost: $130,000 - FUNDED

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