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Vedant Software

FUNDED - Thank you to the 2021 KW Poppy Fund for funding this comprehensive software solution for the Transfusion Medicine (TM) Laboratories at St. Mary's General and Grand River hospitals. This new software, Vedant, will provide a means to ensure an all encompassed testing of the laboratory information system to mitigate risk for patient safety during blood transfusions.


The Transfusion Medicine (TM) laboratory department at St. Mary’s General Hospital dispensed nearly 3000 units of red blood cells for transfusions to our patients in 2020. These patients were undergoing various procedures many of which involved life-saving cardiac procedures.
The TM lab performs rigorous testing on patient samples to provide compatible blood for transfusions.

The lab team seeks to secure a software solution, Vedant, which provides a comprehensive audit of the laboratory information system build for Transfusion Medicine. Accreditation requires validation of all scenarios for patient cross matches, and blood product dispensing.

The Vedant software program can be used retrospectively on the current transfusion medicine laboratory infor-mation system build as well as future build validations. Upon installation, the Vedant software will:
  • Analyze the system environment and point out any fundamental build issues;
  • Perform large-scale validation tests against the testing environment;
  • Understand and analyze the errors it encounters, and assess their risk to patient safety, to help prioritize a resolution;
  • Compare testing and production environments to ensure tests are realistic;
  • Automatically schedule weekly and monthly regression testing with no user intervention required;
  • Run tests for days or weeks, automatically rebooting the testing computer as needed.

Funding has been secured to purchase the Vedant software for blood bank validation. Your support has ensured blood transfusion patient safety for patients at both St. Mary’s General Hospital and Grand River Hospital. Thank you!

Total Cost: $24,000*
*The Vedant software is a shared resource with Grand River Hospital and cost is divided according to patient volume.

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