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Striving for Diagnostic Excellence: Our $30-Million Wish List

Waitlists for important tests can be lengthy, and health problems can intensify as patients stand by. Our community deserves earlier access to scans and clearer answers to their ailments – now.
That’s why we’re targeting a five-year $30 million donation goal to bolster access to diagnostic imaging and help get more patients on a road to recovery sooner.
Let's work together to better the environment of care for our community.
St. Mary's staff in Electrophysiology (EP) Lab filled with vital equipment.

Priority Equipment: A Wish List to Alleviate Waitlists

Picture this: better imaging technology for more accurate diagnoses – in less time.
A patient arrives in the emergency room with rib pain after a car accident. Another comes in with chest tightness. They both need diagnostic scans to determine the extent of their injuries and how to treat them.
St. Mary’s has been on the forefront of caring for our community since 1924. Because government funding doesn’t cover new or replacement equipment, we rely on community donations to continue providing quality care.
Wendi headshot, pre-diagnosis, 2022

Why diagnostic imaging matters: Wendi's story.

Wendi's story highlights the importance of quick and accurate diagnosis – something St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation is concentrating its fundraising efforts on over the next few years.

Here's what we're looking to fund:

Photo of SPECT-CT equipment.

Hybrid Imaging Camera (SPECT-CT)

SMGH Foundation Wish List: Ultrasound Units

Ultrasound Units

SMGH Foundation Wish List: General X-Ray Machine

General X-Ray Machine

SMGH Foundation Wish List: Balloon Pumps (IABP)

Balloon Pumps

SMGH Foundation Wish List: Heart Lung Machine

Heart Lung Machine

SMGH Foundation Wish List: Catheterization Lab Equipment

Catheterization Lab Equipment

How having the latest medical technology benefits patient care:

Decreases wait times

Increases testing capacity

Offers clearer results and information to better diagnose patients

Provides comfort to patients and minimizes injury to staff

Our community relies on generosity from caring individuals and organizations to support the delivery of compassionate and innovative care at St. Mary's General Hospital.
"We’ve squeezed every ounce of value out of these machines. And we will continue to squeeze every ounce of value out of the new ones that come in." - Dr. Rick Dubeau, Chief of the Regional Nuclear Medicine Department
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