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Create an Event

Organizing an event benefitting St. Mary’s General Hospital is a fun and rewarding way to support healthcare in your community!

Whether you’re one individual, a group, service club, school or team, we want to help make your event a success.

Every event big or small, makes a difference. The possibilities are endless: sporting events, casual Fridays, school bake sale, a special luncheon, a gift wrapping event - anything you can imagine!

The Foundation team is here to provide support to make the planning process easy and enjoyable.

Getting started is easy!

  1. Brainstorm and select your event
  2. Complete and submit the Event Proposal Form below to the best of your ability
  3. A Foundation representative will contact you to discuss your event
  4. Gather volunteers and start planning your event details!

Questions? Please contact:
Heidi Chrsitensen
Special Events 519-749-6797

  • Event Proposal Form


    Will Event Be Licensed?:

    Will other charities also benefit from this event?:

    Will you be selling tickets?:

    Is the event open to the public?:

    Is there an area of service at St. Mary's General Hospital to which you would like to designate proceeds of the event?:

    Do you plan to solicit sponsorship for your event?:

    May the foundation recognize your event efforts in our donor recognition program and post publicly?:

    I have read and understand St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation Terms and Conditions

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