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She Shares More members choose their 2019 funding project

On December 4th, St. Mary’s hosted the Foundation’s Women Giving Network, She Shares More for their annual voting meeting.  
She Shares More started in 2018 with 5 members and has grown now to 32.  This Giving Network provides a unique opportunity for members to collectively direct their gifts to programs and equipment they feel are vital to healthcare locally.
Each member commits to a $1,200 annual donation and these funds are pooled together.  Annually, the women gather to hear from a select group of hospital representatives about the most urgent funding need of their program area to help them decide where to direct their gift.    This year the members heard from the Medical Device Reprocessing Department about the need for a new Washer/Disinfector and the Lab about the need for a new microscope.   The women voted and provided a $35,000 donation for a new Washer/Disinfector.
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