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Gifts of Securities

You may want to help the Foundation, but do not have the cash readily available. Donating securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) directly to St. Mary’s is a way to give that won’t affect your cash flow, and which also gives you a tremendous tax break… today!

Here’s how it works:

When shares of a listed company are transferred directly to our Foundation, the donor pays no tax on any capital gains, compared to the usual 50% taxability.
A donation receipt is issued for the full value of the shares transferred, which, in most cases, will eliminate the capital gains tax and can be used to reduce other income taxes.

The process for transferring securities is quite simple.

Meet with your financial advisor to select the appropriate security to transfer,
Download the Stock Transfer Form, and the transfer can be done electronically.
Once the shares are received by the Foundation, a receipt will be issued for the market value on the day of the transfer.

It is simple and, when done properly, will allow you to “share the wealth” and save some tax too!

For more information about gifts of Stocks & Securities please contact:

Julie Powell
Director of Leadership Giving