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Create Your Own Event

Hosting an event benefiting St. Mary’s General Hospital is a fun and rewarding way to support healthcare in our community! When you create your own event benefiting St. Mary’s General Hospital, we become your fundraising support squad.

These tips and tools are designed to help you start an event, promote it, fundraise, and ensure your event day is both memorable and successful. We've got you covered post-event as well.


Fill out the events form below to tell us more about your event. Once submitted, a member on our events team will get in touch with you to discuss your event further. If you would like to create your own fundraising page, as opposed to an event, visit the P2P Fundraising Portal instead to create a fundraiser.


We couldn't be more excited that you've decided to help support St. Mary's - thank you! For more information about third party events, please contact: